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Open Call 2018 | COLUMBUS

13 & Over Solo/Duo/Trio
2nd A Song For You
3rd Lay Your Head Down

Summer Gala Invitation
Kristina Craeger

Pulse Experience Partial Scholarship
Alyssa Jagodzinski
Kamryn McConnell

SR. Solo Overall
2nd A Song For You
3rd Lay Your Head Down

Sr. Duo/Trio
1st Incomplete
2nd After Hours

Solitaire Black Diamond (Studio With The Highest Average Score)
All That Dance

  Talent On Parade

Talent On Parade 2018 | INDIANAPOLIS

Representing at Talent On Parade

Sr. Duo/Trio
3rd Poisoned Conscience
9th Ordinary People

Choreography Award
Poisoned Conscience

  Ballet Intensive

ATD's 2017 Ballet Intensive

3 Master Teachers
3 Days
1 Location

July 28th   5:00pm - 9:00pm
July 29th  12:00pm - 4:00pm
July 30th  12:00pm - 4:00pm

Levels 3-7

$150 for all three days!

Visit our contact page for directions

  KAR Panama City

KAR National Competition 2017 | Panama City

Amazing Performances In Panama City!

Top Elite Studio
National Champions Elite Group - Watching You
Studio of the Year Recipient
Choreography Award - Olivia Fisher - Watching You
Studio Excellence Award

Overall Awards:

Elite Teen Line
1st Blood On Our Hands

Elite Senior Line
1st Watching You

Intermediate Junior Duo/Trio
1st Believe

Elite Teen Solo
4th Enchanted
5th Too Close
7th Outsider
9th Eye of the Storm

Intermediate Teen Solo
4th What Sound

Elite Teen Small Group
2nd United

Secondary Petite Duo/Trio
5th Shake Your Groove Thing

Intermediate Teen Line
3rd We Fly

Elite Senior Solo
5th Anxiety
7th No More I Love You's
19th My Funny Valentine

Elite Teen Duo/Trio
2nd On The Run

Elite Senior Duo/Trio
4th The Choice
7th Oh Yeah
8th Primal Instinct

Intermediate Junior Solo
5th Ocean

Intermediate Senior Solo
4th Time

Intermediate Teen Large Group
8th Dementia

Elite Senior Small Group
7th Like A Stone
10th Chains

  StarQuest Columbus

StarQuest Competition 2017 | Columbus

We had a great competition and took home a choreography award and costume award too!

Overall Awards:

Top Select Jr Solo
13th Ocean
18th Bounce
20th Me Too

Top Select Teen Solo
5th Enchanted
8th Too Close
11th Used to Be
13th Hour Glass
16th Outsider

Top Select Sr Solo
3rd Empty
6th Forbidden
7th Creation
9th Trendsetter
12th Advice
16th Next To You
17th Time

Top Select Jr Duo/Trio
5th Slay

Top Select Teen Duo/Trio
5th On the Run
6th Remember Me
8th Pressure
10th Falling Slowly

Top Select Sr Duo/Trio
2nd Oh Yeah
3rd The Choice
8th Primal Instinct
9th Illusionary Light

Top Select Jr Small Group
2nd Believe

Top Select Teen Small Group
1st United

Top Select Sr Small Group
6th Sr Living
8th Chains

Top Select Teen Large Group
3rd Dementia

Top Select Sr Large Group
3rd Everest

Top Select Teen Line
3rd Blood On Our Hands
4th We Fly

Top Select Sr Line
3rd Watching You

Top Classic Jr Solo
10th The Days

Top Classic Petite Duo/Trio
5th Shake Your Groove Thang

Top Classic Petite Small Group
4th Life Is A Circus

Top Classic Jr Small Group
4th Somewhere Only We Know

Top Nova Petite Solo
4th The Fifth

Top Nova Petite Duo/Trio
4th Country Cuties

Top Nova Petite Small Group
1st Light In The Hallway
2nd Monsters

  KAR Cincinnati

KAR 2017 | Cincinnati

ATD had a blast at KAR in Cincinnati while winning Top Elite Studio for the weekend!

Overall Awards:

Top Primary Solos 9 - 11
3rd Expensive

Top Primary Duet/Trio 8 and Under
5th Country Cuties

Top Primary Small Group 8 and Under
8th Life is a Circus

Top Secondary Solo 9 - 11
9th School's Out
10th The Days

Top Secondary Solo 12 - 14
2nd Alive

Top Secondary Duet/Trio 8 and Under
1st Shake Your Groove Thing

Top Secondary Small Group 9 - 11
5th Somewhere Only We Know

Top Secondary Large Group 9 - 11
1st Freaks Like Me
5th Pep Rally

Top Intermediate Solo 9 - 11
2nd Drifting
3rd Ocean
5th Me Too

Top Intermediate Solo 12 - 14
3rd River of Tears
5th What Sound
6th Hourglass

Top Intermediate Solo 15 - 19
1st Time

Top Intermediate Duet/Trio 12 - 14
2nd Stand By Me
4th Til Death

Top Intermediate Duet/Trio 15 - 19
1st Illusionary Light

Top Intermediate Small Group 9 - 11
1st Believe

Top Intermediate Large Group 12 - 14
1st Dementia
2nd Age of Entitlement

Top Intermediate Large Group 15 - 19
2nd Runnin'

Top Elite Solo 12 - 14
1st Enchanted
3rd Outsider
4th Too Close
5th Eye of the Storm

Top Elite Solo 15 - 19
1st Anxiety
2nd What's Love
3rd Next to You
4th No More I Love Yous

Top Elite Duet/Trio 12 - 14
1st On The Run
3rd Remember Me
5th Pressure

Top Elite Duet/Trio 15 - 19
1st The Choice
2nd Oh Yeah
5th Primal Instinct

Top Elite Small Group 12 - 14
1st United

Top Elite Small Group 15 - 19
4th Chains
5th Like a Stone

Top Elite Large Group 15 - 19
1st Everest

Top Elite Line 12 - 14
1st Blood On Our Hands

Top Elite Line 15 - 19
1st Watching You

Top Production
2nd Native Spirit

  Star Systems Indianapolis

StarSystems Competition 2017 | Indianapolis

Alyssa Jagodzinski representing ATD yet again!

Congratulations to Alyssa for her performance of Anxiety
High Score for Senior Solos in the Super Star Division
and bringing home the Teacher Award

  Masquerade Dayton

Masquerade 2017 | Dayton

Congratulations ATD for being the Top Scoring Studio at Masquerade Dayton!!!!!!

Overall Awards:

Petite Level 1 Trio
2nd Rapunzel's Hair Looks Fierce
3rd Country Cuties

Petite Level 1 Small Group
1st Monsters

Jr Level 1 Solo
2nd Expensive

Jr Level 3 solo
2nd Ocean
3rd Drifting

Jr Level 3 Small Group
1st Believe

Jr Level 3 Large Group
1st Bake Sale

Teen Level 3 Solo
1st Enchanted
2nd What Sound
3rd Used to Be
4th Too Close
5th Eye of the Storm

Teen Level 3 Duo/Trio
1st Pressure
2nd On the Run
3rd Falling Slowly
4th Stand By Me

Teen Level 3 Small Group
1st United

Teen Level 3 Line
1st Blood on our Hands

Sr Level 3 Solo
1st Anxiety
2nd No More I Love You's
3rd What's Love
5th Next to You

Sr Level 3 Duo/Trio
1st The Choice
2nd Primal Instinct
4th Oh Yeah

Sr Level 3 Small Group
1st Like a Stone
2nd Chains

Sr Level 3 Large Group/Line
1st Watching You
2nd Everest

Category Awards
Petite Jr Hip-Hop - Bake Sale
Petite Jr Tap - Pep Rally
Petite Jr Lyrical/Contemporary - Believe
Petite Jr Musical Theater - Freaks Like Me
Teen Sr Tap - Senior Living
Teen Sr Lyrical/Contemporary - United
Teen Sr Jazz - Chains

Encore Award Nominees
Petite Jr - Bake Sale
Teen Sr - Age of Entitlement

Top Scoring Jr Routine (12 and under)

Top Scoring Sr Routine (13 and over)

IDA Viewers Choice Nominees
Watching You

Stephen Boyd Scholarship Jr
Sierra Stone

Teen Miss Masquerade
Emma Halvorsen

Sr Miss Masquerade
Alyssa Jagodzinski

  VIP Indianapolis

VIP 2017 | Indianapolis

Our newest list of overall's from VIP in Indianapolis. We were honored to be given the title of Top Studio for the entire competition, and the Choreography award was given to Olivia Fisher for "Everest"! So proud of the entire ATD family! Thanks to the teachers, parents, prop dad's and of course our amazing kids! Keep it up ATD!!!

Overall Awards:

Senior Small Group:
1st - Like a Stone

Senior Solo:
2nd - Empty
3rd - No More I Love You's
5th - Next to You
7th - What's Love
9th - Advice

Senior Duo/Trio:
2nd - Oh Yeah
3rd - The Choice
4th - Be My Friend

Teen Line:
1st - Watching You

Teen Large Group:
1st - Everest

Teen Small Group:
2nd - United
3rd - Chains

Teen Duo/Trio:
4th - On the Run
6th - Primal Instinct
8th - Pressure

Teen Solo:
4th - Too Close
5th - What Sound
7th - Enchanted
10th - Creations

  Showstopper Cincinnati

Showstopper Competition 2017 | Indianapolis

Another great weekend ATD!

Group Overall Awards:

5th Mini Performance Country Cuties
6th Mini performance Rapunzel's Hair is Fierce
7th Senior Competitive Black and Gold

Keep it up ATD!!!

  Stage One Mason

Stage One Competition 2017 | Mason, OH

Overall Results

Petite Duets/Trios - Rising Star
4th Rapunzel's Hair is Fierce
6th Country Cuties

Junior Solos - Elite Star
3rd Drifting
8th Me Too
Junior Solos - Rising Star 3rd Expensive

Junior Duets/Trios - Elite Star
1st 'Til Death

Teen Solos - Elite Star
3rd Too Close
5th Enchanted
8th Autumn Leaves
9th What Sound
10th Used to Be
12th Outsider

Teen Duets/Trios - Elite Star
3rd Primal Instinct
5th On the Run
6th Remember Me
8th Lush Life
9th Pressure
10th Falling Slowly

Senior Solos - Elite Star
5th My Funny Valentine
6th Anxiety
10th Black and Gold

Senior Duets/Trios - Elite Star
4th Oh Yeah
5th The Choice

Keep it up ATD!!!

  Nexstar Dayton

Nexstar 2017 | Dayton, OH

Kristina Creager
1st Overall Sr. Advanced Solo • No More I Love You's
Power Pak Scholarship
Star Dollars Award Recipient

Way to represent ATD, Kristina! You did an amazing job!

  Open Call Columbus

Open Call Competition 2017 | Columbus, OH

Overall Results

Senior Solo Results
1st - Empty
5th - What's Love?

Teen Duo/Trio
5th - Primal Instinct

Senior Duo/Trio
1st - The Choice

Overall Awards
1st - Empty
3rd - The Choice

Congratulations to those who participated in Open Call Columbus 2017!

  Wishing you and yours the best!

Happy Holidays from ATD!

We would like to wish all of our students, parents, and staff happy holidays and we hope your time will be filled with joy and laughter throughout the new year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!

  Steppin' Up Dancewear

Steppin' Up Dancewear at ATD!

We are happy to announce a great opportunity for ATD dancers! On Tuesday, September 20th, Steppin' up Dancewear will be at the studio selling merchandise from 6:00 to 8:00pm. They will have tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, leotards, tights, and dance attire available for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing items that evening, you will be able to pay with cash, check, or credit card.

Learn more about Steppin' Up at their website or on their facebook page.

  Open House

Open House Aug 28th

All That Dance's Annual Open House will be on August 28th from 12 - 4. Come and tour the facility, talk with the staff, and register for fall classes! Please feel free to bring friends and family along with you to find out what ATD has to offer. We look forward to meeting you and hope to work with your family soon!

Of course, current ATD students and families are also invited to the Open House. It gives everyone the chance to see what the future may hold for our ATD family.

815 W Central Ave.
Springboro, OH 45066

  Open Call Nomination

Open Call has nominated "Uprising" for Young Choreographer of the Year

All That Dance's routine "Uprising" was awarded the Innovate Award at Open Call in Columbus. Congratulations ladies! It is now in a social media contest to pick Open Call's 2017 Young Choreographers Festival Performance.

• Update •

Voting is now closed. Uprising made it to the final round thanks to your support. We appreciate everyone who took the time to participate and get us the likes, shares, and comments we needed!

  Ballet Intensive

ATD's 2016 Ballet Intensive

Are you ready to strap on those ballet shoes?

We would like to invite you to our annual ballet intensive July 29th-31st. We will be hosting guest teachers once again this year, so don't miss out. The exact pricing, times, and guest teachers are still to be announced so stay on the lookout for more information over the next few days through this news feed, or through our facebook page.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

  Nationals 2016

2016 Studio of the Year!

Congratulations to all of our students, parents, and teachers on the nationals in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida! All That Dance received STUDIO OF THE YEAR for 2016 at Masquerade and we could not have done it without you!

We would like to take a moment to recognize our top performers:

  • Duet
  • Poison and Wine: 1st overall and Duet dance off champions
  • Commander: 7th
  • Fire and Ice: 9th

  • Small Groups
  • Uprising: 5th overall
  • We Are Women: 7th
  • We Don't Eat: 9th

  • Large Groups
  • Predator vs Prey: 1st and National dance off champions
  • Romeo and Juliet: 7th

  • Lines
  • Angels Calling: 1st and Choreography Award

  • Mia Williams was awarded Sr Miss Masquerade

  • Congratulations once again to everybody. We can't wait to see you again soon!

  ATDTube 2016

New Videos Uploaded

The 2016 competition season has been quite exciting. It has taken us a little while to get everything organized, but we finally have (almost) all of the competition videos uploaded. We tried to get the best quality videos for each of the dances so you can enjoy the performers and choreography on any device, including your TV!

You can either hop over to our Video Gallery or check out our YouTube page. The gallery on this site has the 2016 dances only, so if you want to see some of the older stuff, you may want to check out the YouTube channel instead.

  2016 ATD Dance Recital

Our 2016 Recital Was Amazing!

Our 2016 recital was such a success and we are glad you shared the experience with us! Dancers, parents, teachers, family, and friends all came together to help make it a wonderful experience for everyone.

We would like to give a very special thank you to all of our 2016 seniors. Even though our competition season is not yet complete, we want to wish you the best of luck, love, happiness, and success in all that you do in life. We love you very much and know you will achieve great things. You are all simply amazing and we can't wait to see what journey life has in store for each and every one of you. We love you all!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer and we look forward to seeing everyone again very soon. Don't forget about summer classes and fall registration!

  Free Tech Classes

Free Jazz and Lyrical Tech Classes to New Students!

We are offering free jazz and lyrical classes to any new students from May 26 through June 23rd. (closed Memorial Day) These technique classes take place Mondays and Thursdays from 4:30-5:30. Ages 5 and up in three different levels. If you have any questions email us at We would love to see you there.

Please visit our Classes Page for more information about classes.
Please visit our Contact Page for any other questions.

> Reminder: <  Team Auditions are Tuesday June 14th. Contact Us for more information!

  Masquerade Dayton

Masquerade Competition 2016 | Dayton, OH

Way to represent ATD!

Group Overall Awards:

1st Petite Group "Sunshine Girls"
1st (Top Jr Score) Junior Small Group "On My Bones"
1st Junior Line "Wonderland"
1st Teen Small Group "Power Trip"
2nd Teen Small Group "The New Social"
1st Teen Large Group "Angels Calling"
3rd Teen Large Group "Heartbreaker"
1st (Encore Award) Senior Small Group "We Are Women"
2nd Senior Small Group "We Don't Eat"
3rd Senior Large Group "Predator Vs. Prey"

That's a lot of 1st place Overall Awards!

  Inside the ATD life

Megan Schmidt 2016 Capstone

Megan Schmidt, one of our 2016 Seniors, put together this amazing Capstone video that shows exactly what ATD is all about! We are so proud of ALL of our students and will greatly miss our Seniors next year. Thank you Megan for sharing this with us. Enjoy!

  Showstopper Cincinnati

Showstopper Competition 2016 | Cincinnati, OH

Another great weekend ATD!

Group Overall Awards:

5th Petite Group Performance Level "I'm A Big Girl"
6th Petite Group Performance Level "Sunshine Girls"
4th Junior Small Group Advanced Level "On My Bones"
4th Junior Large Group Advanced Level "Does He Really Love Me?"
6th Junior Large Group Advanced Level "Crazy In Love"
1st Junior Line Competitive Level "Wonderland"
4th Teen Small Group Competitive Level "My Love"
6th Teen Small Group Competitive Level "Power Trip"
7th Teen Small Group Competitive Level "The New Social"
1st Teen Large Group Competitive Level "Salute"
2nd Teen Line Competitive Level "Angels Calling"
2nd Production Competitive Level "Heartbreaker"
3rd Senior Small Group Competitive Level "Uprising"
4th Senior Small Group Competitive Level "We Are Women"
1st Senior Large Group Competitive Level "Romeo and Juliet"
2nd Senior Large Group Competitive Level "Predator vs Prey"
5th Senior Large Group Competitive Level "Freak"

Keep it up ATD!!!

  Stage One Mason

Stage One Competition 2016 | Mason, OH

We have Video from the competition!!!

Congrats ATD on an awesome weekend in Mason!

Overall Awards:

5th Junior Small Group Shooting Star Level "On My Bones"
4th Junior Small Group Elite Star Level "Salute"
6th Junior Small Large Group Elite Star Level "Win"
1st Junior Line Elite Star Level "Heartbreaker"
3rd Junior Line Elite Star Level "Wonderland"
1st Teen Small Group Elite Star Level "The New Social"
4th Teen Small Group Elite Star Level "Power Trip"
10th Teen Small Group Elite Star Level "Thirst"
2nd Teen Large Group Elite Star Level "Romeo and Juliet"
2nd Teen Line Elite Star Level "Angels Calling"
2nd Senior Small Group Elite Star Level "We Are Women"
4th Senior Small Group Elite Star Level "Uprising"
6th Senior Small Group Elite Star Level "Crave"
1st Senior Large Group Elite Star Level "Freak"
• plus more solo's, duo's and trio's than can be listed!!

Keep it up ATD!!!

  Open Call Columbus

Open Call Competition 2016 | Columbus, OH

ATD showing Columbus Open Call what we got!
5th Overall Senior Large Group "Predator vs Prey"
4th Overall Senior Small Group "We Are Women"
3rd Overall Senior Large Group "Romeo and Juliet"
2nd Overall Senior Small Group "Uprising"
2nd Overall Teen Small Group "The New Social"
Choreography Award "Uprising"
Solitaire Black Diamond Award for the highest average score from a studio throughout the entire weekend!

Thanks to the students for their hard work and the parents for driving, rhinestoning, sewing, and your endless support! 2016 is shaping up to be another great year here at ATD!

  Winter Workshop

Sunday January 3rd 2016

10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Come learn from some of Cincinnati's top Teachers/Choreographers!
Open to all students from all studios!
5 classes including: Lyrical, Progressions, Tap, Jazz Funk and Contemporary
$115 at the door for ALL THAT DANCE students
$125 at the door for outside dancers
$35 per class for individual classes
Contact Us to register!


Thanks for coming out!


Sunday January 3rd 2016

We would like to thank everyone that came out to the Winter Workshop and the teachers that shared their amazing skills with the students. It was a great day of having fun and learning new things. We hope you had as much fun as we did and we can't wait to see you all again soon! Below is a little more of the action for you to enjoy.

ATD Staff and Friends

Lyrical with Olivia Fisher

Posted by All That Dance on Monday, January 4, 2016

Lyrical with Olivia Fisher

Jazz funk w Lindsay Lancaster

Posted by All That Dance on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jazz funk w Lindsay Lancaster