ATD Front Desk

Welcome to the ATD Front Desk

Front Desk is the newest feature of the All That Dance site. It is evolving as we go, but we are attempting to make this a place where you can possibly save an extra trip into the studio when all you need to do is quickly find information about upcoming events, make a payment, get a quick look at costumes (the costume corner is coming soon), and hopefully soon even more features.

The Front Desk will now also hosts links to other local businesses and valuable information online! Check out the links section at the bottom of the page to find what you're looking for.

Quick Reminders

Parents night is the last week of every month. Parents are allowed to come in to watch their child/children at the end of each class.

Please remember to check for all belongings before leaving the studio. You may not have an opportunity to retrieve any lost items the next day depending on class schedules.

Make A Payment

Please, keep a copy of your invoice in case any problems may arise. Also, please be sure to enter your student's first and last name the same as we have it on file.

The same 5% credit card processing fee is applied at the front desk as online.

Competition Students and Parents: Please use the "Custom" $1.00 option. After entering student name and payment category change the quantity to reflect the amount you would like to pay. At this point, this the only option to give variable payment amounts through our existing service.

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Costume Corner

Coming Soon

The costume corner will be a place where you can find information about costumes. We will try to put as much information here as we can. This will hopefully include images and any necessary instructions. This would be in addition to having a sample costume available for you to view in the studio.

Selling costumes? Contact us to see if we can help find those costumes a new owner!

For many of our classes, Steppin' Up carries what you need. From tights and leotards, to shoes and dance bags, you can find many of the necessities here.

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Questions, Concerns, or Issues?

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. We strive to make every student as happy as possible in our efforts to teach them to become amazing dancers. This includes maintaining a clean, functioning facility in which our students are comfortable and safe. We do understand that dance can be both difficult and time consuming, and our combined experience has lead to a teaching model that produces some of the best dancers around. We pride ourselves in the achievements of our students and staff, and we pride ourselves in the joy our students find in both dance itself, and the classroom. We never want anything to overshadow the positive experience we aim to provide.

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